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Baseball's New "Witch Hunt" Beyond Reprehensible

Baseball's New "Witch Hunt" Beyond Reprehensible

See, I told you this would happen! According to Saturday's New York Post MLB is going to reward Jason Giambi's honesty last Wednesday by subjecting him to an investigation. George King the Yankees beat writer reported on Saturday, that according to New York General manager Brian Cashman, MLB is currently investigating whether Giambi had been using steroids after the ban went into effect. If so it could possibly earn him a 50 game suspension, or possibly void the balance of his contract with the Bronx Bombers.

So, instead of grabbing onto Giambi's candor as a golden opportunity for MLB to once and for all admit that it went through a tainted era, and air their dirty laundry they do the exact opposite. Instead of coming clean they are circling the wagons, making Giambi the out cast. They say no good deed goes unpunished, and there is no further proof than this sad situation.

Baseball fans can not stand for this hypocrisy. If they allow Bud Selig, George Mitchell, and the owners to make an example of this man, than it will prove that they were involved in a more complicit way than any of us ever imagined. Media and fans alike realized that baseball management and ownership realized that their players were not bulking up naturally. However, up until this time we all believed that it was done in a benign way, by looking the other way, by pretending to be ignorant. If Jason Giambi is punished for his candor, in my opinion it smacks of a cover up. why would MLB want to punish Giambi for talking unless they had something to hide. Could the the thing he did not want to talk about with Bob Nightengale, the reasons he took steroids be because he was pressured by ownership?

A far fetched scenario to be sure, but why would baseball want to punish Jason Giambi for trying to come to terms with his past indiscretions. And do you possibly think another athlete will dare speak out? They would have to be suicidal. King mentioned Jason Grimsley in his article, and how after he admitted he was using banned substances, he was banned by MLB. Grimsley, was forced to come out with his confession, he was the subject of a Federal Investigation. No one forced Jason Giambi to admit to past mistakes, last Wednesday except his conscience. For that he should be commended, not punished.

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