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Rocket Grounded For Five Games

MLB announced on Thursday that they were issuing a five game suspension to New York Yankees starter Roger Clemens, as well as giving a one game suspension to New York manager Joe Torre following Clemens hitting Toronto Blue Jays outfielder Alex Rios with a pitch in their contest Tuesday night. There was tension through out the three game series, bad blood from an earlier game in the season when Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez pulled a bush league move. A-Rod distracted Toronto third baseman Howie Clark back on May 30, by yelling something causing Clark to miss a normally easy pop fly. On Monday Rodriguez dodged a ball that was thrown behind his legs by Blue Jays pitcher Jesse Litsch. Jays starter Josh Towers hit A-Rod in the calf Tuesday night in the third. Both teams rushed out to the field tow separate times but there no punches thrown. Clemens threw at Rios in the seventh, and hit him square in the back resulting in an immediate ejection for the Rocket, and the Yankees skipper. Fines were also issued to Clemens, Torre, and Rodriguez as well as New york coaches Tony Pena, and Larry Bowa. Toronto drew fines for Towers, Matt Stairs, and Blue Jays coach Brian Butterfield. No word yet on whether Clemens will appeal the suspension.

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