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MLB Continues Giambi Witch Hunt

There is an old saying, no good deed goes unpunished, New York Yankees DH Jason Giambi is walking proof of that.According to published reports MLB Commissioner Bud Selig has given the New York Yankees player until Thursday to set up a meeting with former U.S. Senator George Mitchell, or face disciplinary action. Selig first requested that Giambi meet with Mitchell on June 6, apparently the request is now a directive. Mitchell heads up the team that is investigating steroid use in MLB. Giambi's mess started when he gave an interview to USA Today saying he regretted taking "that stuff", and that Baseball should have issued an apology long ago to the fans. Giambi is currently on the disabled list with a foot injury. The Thursday deadline is to set up a meeting, it does not have to be held by that date.

Giambi to his credit was trying to clear the air, and get MLB past the era, where every power hitter is now looked at with suspicion. as I have stated before on this site, MLB Management and Ownership are as culpable, if not more so than the players. There is no doubt in my mind they knew what was going on, yet as long as there were fannies in the seats they were willing to turn a blind eye. It was not until Congress forced their hand that MLB toughened their steroid policy.

Now instead of taking the opportunity that the Yankees player gave them, they are now trying to paint him as the villain. No statement may have been more telling than when New York owner George Steinbrenner was asked to comment on his player's situation said "He should have kept his mouth shut."

MLB is in danger of having their own McCarthy era, but instead of hunting for Communists, they are trying to track down steroid abusers. In reality, any punishment levied by Selig would be overturned by an arbitrator. The penalty for first time offenders when Giambi was reportedly taking "that stuff" was counseling.
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